Jennifer Bonesteel

Jennifer Bonesteel is licensed to practice in all Illinois and Indiana Courts as well as the U.S. District Courts for Illinois and Indiana. Her areas of practice include:

  • Trial litigation
  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Semi truck accidents
  • Nursing home negligence cases
  • Premises liability
  • Governmental entity cases, including municipalities, park districts, school districts, etc.
  • Dram shop
  • Police and Firefighters’ PSEBA benefits, pension benefits, and those clients’ employment related issues
  • Appellate practice


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p: (309) 681-1900
c: (317) 374-7939

Jennifer Bonesteel

Jennifer Bonesteel Case Biographies

Personal Injury Settlements & Verdicts:

  • $700,000
    Petitioner sustained a fractured clavicle when a steel retention gate struck Petitioner, crushing him. He sustained a lumbar and mid back strain as well as a fractured clavicle. The clavicle fracture was surgically repaired. The Petitioner had additional procedures including hardware removal. Subsequently client was sent for an FCE, which turned out to be a valid study and permanent restrictions were issued which prevent him from returning to his original job. Petitioner was paid nearly $700,000 in total benefits from the work comp carrier including a lump sum settlement of $425,500.
  • $225,000 Settlement against a corporation for a slip and fall. Plaintiff sustained a hip fracture.
  • $265,000 Settlement for a motor vehicle accident. Plaintiff sustained pelvis fracture, right wrist fracture, nasal fracture, and TBI.
  • $275,000 Plaintiff injured in a nursing home by pressure ulcers.
  • $250,000 & Waiver of Comp Lien for employee injured in an explosion
  • $200,000 Settlement for Plaintiff injured in motor vehicle collision where she sustained TBI.
  • $210,000 Settlement for commercial truck accident where Plaintiff sustained cervical disc herniation with surgery.
  • $275,000 Settlement for Plaintiff injured in a motor vehicle collision where she sustained concussion, rotator cuff year, impingement syndrome, sternal fracture, and disc herniation with low back surgery

Co-counsel Personal Injury Settlements & Verdicts:

  • $2,500,000 Semi Truck Accident in which Plaintiff was killed.
  • $1,000,000 & Waiver of Comp Lien Semi Truck Accident in which Plaintiff sustained multiple rib and spinal fractures which included permanent lifting restrictions.
  • $545,000 MVC in which Plaintiff sustained two rotator cuff tears and labral and biceps tendon tears with three surgeries.
  • $2,500,000 MVC in which Plaintiff sustained TBI (permanently disabling, loss of short term memory).
  • Mostly, though, Jennifer is honored to have been chosen by loved ones upon their decedents’ passing as well as chosen by parents to represent their children and by children to represent elderly parents. She is so appreciative of her long-standing client base (you know who you are!) who send her new clients and always refer to her for all their legal questions.

Appellate Verdicts - Illinois:

  • 3-19-0055 For Confirmation of Pension Board’s Decision Granting Disability Pension
  • 3-19-0345 For Reversal of Dismissal of Case as to Premises Liability
  • 3-17-0656WC For Confirmation of Worker’s Compensation Commission’s Decision that Petitioner was injured by original employer and subsequent injuries were not intervening accidents
  • 3-15-0059 For Reversal of Trial Court’s dismissal based on Officer’s Failure to Exhaust Remedies

Appellate Verdicts - Indiana:

  • 49A02-1204-MF-350 For Reversal of Foreclosure
  • 49A04-1004-PL-231 (assisted writing of brief) Reversal of Trial Court’s Judgment following bench trial as to material defect
  • 49G04-0611-FC-217029 (assisted writing of brief) Reversal for Lack of Evidence as to Intimidation Charge