Trial Litigation Individuals

As a rule, nobody calls a lawyer when they are having a good day. That call is placed when something bad has happened, be it an auto accident or a fall or a host of other possible catastrophes.

When it happens to you, calling a lawyer with the kind of experience to successfully navigate the judicial system should be your top priority. It is that kind of lawyer who can push cases through, who will doggedly pursue what you are entitled to receive while the case wends its way through the court and who will work as hard for you as he does any client.

Stephen P. Kelly is that kind of lawyer. He has 25 years of experience practicing law in Illinois. He knows his way around a courtroom and can navigate the various minefields within the legal system.

“I don’t think there is any attorney who works as hard for you as I do. I understand what is at stake. You want results; I can get them for you.”