PSEBA for Police

The Public Safety Employee Benefits Act (PSEBA) is an Illinois law that provides a lifetime of employer funded insurance benefits for police officers that are injured or killed in the line-of-duty. It goes above and beyond what is typically provided to police officers and covers catastrophic injuries that prevent them from performing basic functions or gain employment.

This act also provides for spouses and children who are entitled to a lifetime of employer-funded insurance coverage. Children are covered until they turn 26 if they are a dependent, part-time, or full-time student.

In order to qualify, the catastrophic injury must have occurred under the following circumstances:

  • The officer’s response to fresh pursuit
  • The officer responds to what is reasonably believed to be an emergency
  • An unlawful act perpetrated by another
  • During the investigation of a criminal act
  • Training exercises that might qualify as an emergency situation

When it comes to police officers injured or killed in the line of duty, it’s critical that you quickly contact a lawyer so you can be sure that your rights are protected. We work hard to take the pressure and burden of litigation off you so you can heal and focus on your well-being.