Construction Accidents

Construction is a big part of the economy in Central Illinois. It’s no secret that working in construction can be incredibly dangerous. Employees spend their days around large machines, hazardous equipment, and heavy materials. The high-risk conditions of construction work demand adequate safety gear and thorough training.

When working on a construction site or visiting one, there are a wide range of serious injuries that can occur caused by falls, catastrophic burns, crush injuries, electrocutions, and other types of accidents.

The costs of a construction injury can be just as devastating as the physical harm suffered. Medical bills, lost wages, and other costs place a huge burden on you and your family.

The top causes of construction accidents include: falls, falling objects, equipment-related accidents, burns, poisoning, structural collapses, repetitive motion injuries, heat stroke, and overexertion.

No matter what kind of accident you have on a construction site, it’s critical that you quickly contact a lawyer so you can be sure that your rights are protected. We work hard to take the pressure and burden of litigation off of you so you can heal and focus on your well-being.