In Line of Duty Disability Pension Rights for Firefighters

If you are a firefighter injured in the line of duty, you are entitled to benefits up to to 75% of your current salary, tax free. To qualify for these tax-free pension benefits, the injury that occurred must have incapacitated the victim so that they are unable to perform their normal duties. Also, it’s important to note that if the injury occurred while you are off-duty you are still entitled to 50% of your salary. An award of Non-Duty Disability does not necessarily mean a firefighter was off duty. It means you may suffer from a condition-illness that may not be deemed Line of Duty but may qualify as a Non-Line of Duty Disability.

Moving forward with Line of Duty disability is very complicated, and every step you take could not only affect your Line of Duty Disability benefits (40 ILCS 5/ et. Al), but also your PSEBA Benefits. (820 ILCS 320/et. All), and your Illinois Workers Compensation Act Benefits (820 ILCS 305/ et all) That’s why you need an experienced lawyer on your side to make sure you get everything that you deserve and are owed under the rule of law.

Also to note, the failure to pursue your benefits correctly could result in the “Presumption of work-relatedness” injuries be taken away. Such as occupational cancer, cardiac, and/or hernia conditions.

When it comes to firefighters injured in the line of duty, it’s critical that you quickly contact a lawyer so you can be sure that your rights are protected. We work hard to take the pressure and burden of litigation off you so you can heal and focus on your well-being.