When I hired Stephen P. Kelly as my attorney, I was overwhelmed with Worker Compensation issues. I was waiting for my employer to authorize my medical care, and accept my injury as a worker’s compensation injury.

Everything Stephen P. Kelly did with my case ensured that my case was successful. I was able to have surgery, therapy, and the medical I needed to get back to work. All my medical bills an off work benefits were paid by workers compensation. Stephen P. Kelly always communicated with me when I had questions regarding my case. I found Stephen P. Kelly’s knowledge of law, and ability to get results in my case, second to none. I got a great result in my case due to Stephen P. Kelly. Thank you to Stephen P. Kelly his fantastic staff.

Kathy B.

My name is Ben, I was a Police Officer for over 20 years. I sustained an on-duty career ending injury and was medically retired. After my career ended, my wife and I moved out of state while my case dragged on for over 2.5 years. I found Stephen Kelly during an internet search in February of 2019 and began to research his record. The testimonials I found were encouraging so I contacted his office and initially spoke to his assistant Britta.

After explaining my situation, I spoke with Stephen and could immediately tell he was who I wanted to represent me. I can say with absolute honesty, this was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I could tell he was experienced in handling cases such as mine. Stephen and Britta handled every concern I had in this matter with absolute professionalism. Emails were answered and returned very quickly, sometimes in the same business day. While I know I was not his only client, I was made to feel like my case was his number one priority.

After speaking to and meeting Stephen, I could tell that his moral compass was completely in line with mine. I felt he was genuinely concerned about my case and not about the all mighty dollar. Stephen was able to settle my case in in approx. 9 months, reaching an outcome that was fair while also protecting my rights. I would recommend anyone in my situation to seek him out.

Ben S.
Retired Police Officer

My name is Tangela Taylor. I was a police officer for 20 years, injured in the line of duty and had to retire on disability. After a referral from a fellow police officer, I reached out to Stephen Kelly to help me with my case. Mr. Kelly came to my house the day after I was hurt to see me. He was very nice and professional.

Because of my injury, I could not walk, was in pain, and was chair bound. Mr. Kelly took care of so many things for me. Since I could not walk, I needed help cleaning, cooking, and getting to places. Mr. Kelly made all of that happen.

Believe it or not, I was actually placed on light duty when I had not been cleared by my surgeon to go back to work but Mr. Kelly took care of that. When I still needed another surgery after I stopped receiving paychecks, he stepped in and got me back on the payroll.

Mr. Kelly always kept in touch with me, explained things until I understood, walked me through the system, showed me how the law worked, always returned my calls and emails, and made sure I knew what was going on with my case.

I am so blessed and happy that my friend referred Mr. Kelly to me. He is the exact workers compensation attorney that you want working for you and on your side. He is professional and knows his craft and that is what you need when everything has turned upside down for you at work and with your livelihood and personal life do to an on-the-job injury.

Tangela Taylor
Retired Police Officer

After working as a policeman for 27 years, I was in a career-ending accident while on duty. In need of an attorney, a friend and colleague referred me to Mr. Stephen Kelly. While working with Mr. Kelly I found him to be a trustworthy, hard-working attorney. He always returned my phone calls within the same day. A rare find!

Mr. Kelly handled my Worker’s Compensation, PECBA, and On-Line Duty Disability Pension cases. Mr. Kelly left no stone unturned and kept me in the loop during the whole process. Mr. Kelly always went the extra mile.

Stephen Kelly exceeded my expectations in all areas of my cases, I have, and will continue, to refer my friends and colleagues to him. I am an extremely satisfied client.

Brett VonDerHeide, Retired PPD

I am a twenty plus veteran of a Fire Department in the Peoria County area. I sustained a work-related injury, and I was sent to the company doctor. My case was soon denied by the Workers’ Compensation Department. My Employer told me that no benefits would be paid under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

Drowning in medical bills, I hired Stephen P. Kelly. Through his aggressive representation, Mr. Kelly took my case on and was able to get all of my medical bills paid as well as a great settlement. Mr. Kelly did not back down to my employer, or their numerous attorneys. Stephen is a fighter and prepped my case for a victory.

If you are being denied Workers’ Compensation Benefits, I recommend you hire Stephen Kelly to fight and win your case.

A Peoria Area Firefighter

Steve Kelly "got the job done!" It wasn't that long ago that he took on my worker's comp case. I like his approach. He was available to discuss my situation when needed. He kept me informed of the process and my options from start to finish. Steve exceeded my expectations! I will tell everyone I know that needs legal counsel to contact him. I appreciate all that he did for me. Working with Steve was a positive experience! James M.

Two years ago I had a position that required repetitive heavy lifting and typing on a daily basis.

After nearly a year of various doctors and treatments ranging from chiropractic and physical therapy to multiple medications and repeated trips to the pain clinic, I was correctly diagnosed with a bulging disc in my upper back and carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.

After this diagnosis, I was sent to the workmen’s compensation doctor for another opinion. While he did not deny any of the diagnosis, he was of the opinion that my conditions were caused by being female, over the age of 50, and a former smoker.  Therefore, my claims were denied.

At that point, I contacted Stephen Kelly to see about my options. Steve spent a lot of time meeting with me and hearing my story, as well as looking at my various test results. He explained the entire process with me and definitely believed I had a viable case against workmen’s compensation for my denial.

Thanks to Steve, I was able to get the surgery I needed so that I could once again feel my hands. He then got all of the evidence gathered from the doctors and the workmen’s compensation doctor to present my case to workmen’s compensation.

Steve worked diligently to get my case settled quickly and without having to go to court. He also made sure that all of the bills were covered and that no one could come back on me for any bills relating to this issue.

If not for Steve Kelly, I would never have received anything from the workmen’s compensation for this work related injury. I highly recommend Steve to anyone facing a difficult issue of this nature! He stayed on top of everything and kept open communication with me at all times. I felt at ease and appreciated his honesty with me during every phase of the process.

Mr. Kelly took over my case from another attorney. My case had been sitting around for five years. Mr. Kelly took over the case and the matter was settled within 30 days. I received a settlement of $80,000 and all my medical bills were paid for by the employer. I was able to communicate with Mr. Kelly at any given time during the day.

A Peoria area employee working as a tree trimmer

I sustained a work injury while working as a police officer. My employer fought to not pay my benefits that I was entitled to under the law. I attempted to hire two or three attorneys in the Peoria area who told me I did not have a case. I hired Mr. Kelly and we went to trial against the employer. We won the trial and won the case on appeal. Mr. Kelly tried the case and prepared the matter to win. I was able to contact Mr. Kelly at any time during the day. Mr. Kelly tried my matter in a very efficient and excellent manner.

Signed Peoria County area police officer

I am a local area firefighter. I sustained a work injury while working for my employer. The employer would not authorize medical treatment for my injuries. I hired Mr. Kelly to represent me in my worker's compensation case. After I hired Mr. Kelly, within 30 days my medical treatment was authorized. I was provided the benefits I was entitled to under the law.

Peoria Area local firemen

I work for a large manufacturer in the Peoria, Illinois, area. I hired another attorney to handle my case four years ago. The case did not move to conclusion. I hired Mr. Kelly and fired the former attorney. Mr. Kelly was able to get the medical care I needed approved and authorized by the employer. I then received a substantial settlement that allowed me to move on with my life.

A local Peoria welder