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First Responder or Essential Worker?

COVID-19 as a Workplace Injury

In 2020, the Illinois State Legislature passed a law that gives first responders and essential workers more protection if they contract COVID-19. The new law “presumes” that any COVID-19 illness is work-related and, much like the Occupational Disease Act, which gives additional weight to any workers’ compensation claim. Watch the video as Stephen Kelly takes a deep dive into this new law, the areas of classification and what you need to know as a first responder or essential worker.

Elements of Your Claim

  1. Burden of the Proof
  2. Police, Fire Personnel, EMTs or Paramedics
  3. Healthcare Workers
  4. Correction Officers
  5. Essential Business (example: grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.)

Facts that Eliminate Presumption

  1. Employee has been away from work for 14 days prior to the diagnosis
  2. Employee was exposed to COVID-19 by an alternative source
  3. Employer was following the updated CDC requirements

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